Who We Are

Bochica.co.uk wasn’t born out of a light bulb moment whilst trekking in the Andes or saving Orangutans in Borneo (although that sounds great!) but is born out of a simple love of fashion, the planet and those living on the planet.

Bochica.co.uk is a UK based company founded in 2008 by people who want to show the world that ethical fashion doesn’t mean socks and sandals it means bang on style-led fashion that doesn’t damage your conscience or your bank balance.

Having left a career in day time tv I trawled the planet to bring you fashionable brands that share our simple vision…fashion should be either sustainable, organic, fairtrade as well as being affordable.

Ethical fashion is finally on the fashion map however Bochica.co.uk is something altogether new and exciting. We firmly believe that if we are going to succeed with our vision that one day all fashion manufacturers will trade ethically and all shoppers will in turn be buying ethically, then it must be accessible to one and all. That’s where Bochica.co.uk comes in…

And for those who are wondering what Bochica means…well we share our name with the South American god of morals. Bochica taught his people to respect their fellow man and that’s what we hope to do too…and you know what, however you pronounce it is fine by us!

If you wish to find out more about our goods, or how we source them, contact us here!
Happy Shopping