Mezzanine Flooring

What is mezzanine flooring?

Mezzanine flooring is a semi-permanent flooring system that is normally installed in structures between the original permanent stories of the building. If business needs and requirements change, mezzanine floors can often be relocated after being dismantled due to the fact they are often free-standing.
Mezzanine Flooring


Mezzanine flooring is typically constructed from aluminium, steel and fibreglass and has either heavy-duty steel, fibreglass grating or wood finish and is generally used in the industrial sector as a storage facility to house tools and equipment. Office space can also be created from the implementation of a mezzanine floor which can be a beneficial addition to a warehouse facility for stock controllers and their teams.

If a mezzanine floor is being constructed for use within the retail sector there are strict rules and regulations to follow in terms of fire, public access and fit for public use so it is important to research what is required.


When deciding to embark on the addition of mezzanine flooring it is worth considering the following:

  • Does building control need to be contacted?
  • Is planning permission required?
  • What height does my building need to be to allow for a mezzanine floor to be fitter?
  • What is the maximum weight the mezzanine floor will take?

Once you have the relevant information it is worth researching the downtime to your business (if any) to fit the flooring and who you are going to appoint to install it.  The first stage will involve a site survey and inspection to find out if your building meets the necessary requirements. The second stage is to get several quotes from reputable installers.

After you have chosen the right installation company for you they will provide you with production schedules, CAD drawings and a schedule and work can commence on your mezzanine flooring.